Employment Screening

In today’s competitive business environment, one simply cannot afford to remain vulnerable to the more than 30% of job applicants who submit inaccurate or fraudulent resumes. Employers have an obligation to minimize the risk of an employee causing damages to a third party (the legal doctrine of "negligent hiring"). Because of the increasing crime rate, background checks should be a routine part of your hiring procedures.

Most companies do not have the resources to access background information and few have the staff needed for the time-consuming research.

Qualifying Profiles, Inc. will access the background of your applicant and accurately provide the facts you need to hire with confidence. Our research is thorough, completely confidential and cost-effective. We provide you with an easy-to-read report in a timely manner and contact you immediately if we learn of any serious problems about your applicant.

QPI fully complies with the provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the DPPA and the ADA. We will provide you with all the proper release forms and authorizations to ensure legal compliance.

While there are numerous factors that ultimately contribute to your company’s success, few are as important as the people you hire.

We look forward to helping you QUALIFY all your applicants!